New Wear-Resistant Stator Material by ViscoTec


The requirements for dosing systems are particularly high and nowhere more so than with regard to hygiene. The use of abrasive media often leads to increased mechanical wear on components. Some fluids even seem inadequate to be integrated into fully automatic production lines and to be filled with process reliability.

New Wear-Resistant Stator Material by ViscoTec

Developed by ViscoTec according to “Hygiene Design“ criteria, the new elastomer has been designed specifically for use with abrasive media (Image: ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH)

This has motivated ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH to develop a new elastomer material for the core component: the "stator". This new "all-rounder" from the EPDM family of materials is characterized by its excellent wear resistance, especially in the case of highly abrasive media. It is used where other materials have failed until now.

The optimization of the elastomer material in combination with the low-shear endless-piston principle leads to a considerable extension of the service life of the main parts of the dispensers. These are the system-relevant know-how components of the ViscoTec dosing pumps. This advantage, and the fact that the material offers good value for money, presents the ViscoTec customer with an economical and hygienic dosing solution for the most difficult media. The optimization for abrasive media in the hygiene sector opens up completely new fields of application, from the food industry to the most demanding pharmaceutical applications.

In addition to the excellent mechanical properties of the material, it is also resistant to many chemicals. Even aggressive cleaning agents, which kill harmful germs, when used in dosing plants, do not weaken the material. Furthermore, its positive thermal properties make contact with steam and hot water possible. With respect to hygienic requirements the new material meets all current certifications like FDA conformity, CFR21177.2600 and USP class VI. This innovation in materials technology in conjunction with the ViscoTec dispensers provides an application-oriented solution for many areas.

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