New Thomson High Precision Miniature Lead Screws

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Thomson Industries, Inc. introduces a new line of miniaturized lead screws and nuts. These new models expand the company's screw drive portfolio down to the smallest diameters of 2, 3 and 4 mm.
New Thomson High Precision Miniature Lead Screws

The new range of Thomson Miniature Lead Screws is available in 2, 3 and 4mm diameters, expandable with various options for flexible linear motion solutions in space-constrained systems. (Image source: Thomson Industries, Inc.)

“OEMs are increasingly requesting components for smaller assemblies. We are therefore pleased to announce the availability of the high-quality Thomson sliding lead screws and nuts in diameters of less than six millimeters. This gives our customers more flexibility to develop more compact systems while continuing to expand our miniature range,” explains Saurabh Khetan, Thomson Product Line Manager for Lead Screws.

For optimal positioning and repeat accuracy as well as low-friction operation, these miniature lead screws are available with either standard or anti-backlash nuts. The anti-backlash nut design reduces friction between the nut and screw threads for maximum efficiency, but also eliminates screw-nut play.

With a wide range of thread lead and end preparation options, customers also have unmatched flexibility for miniature scale finishing and precision. And as with all Thomson products, a wide variety of special finishes are available. To make installation as easy as possible, Thomson also offers oversize end pivots and even a newly developed integrated coupler. This allows users to mount the spindle to almost any shaft diameter easily and without additional connection components.

These miniature screw drives are suitable for a wide variety of applications, but are particularly valuable for the latest medical technologies and analysis devices.

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