Price Pump Company Test Lab Facility Approved by Hydraulic Institute

The Hydraulic Institute introduces member company, Price Pump Company as the latest company to have their pump test laboratory, located in Caldwell, Idaho, approved through the HI Pump Test Lab Approval Program.
Price Pump Company Test Lab Facility Approved by Hydraulic Institute

(Image source: Hydraulic Institute Inc.)

The HI program assists pump original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other pump test laboratories to improve their current laboratory procedures and policies by working with an experienced third-party auditor to develop and maintain accurate, uniform, and repeatable pump testing protocols. The program also helps participating organizations adhere to the requirements of the international test laboratory accreditation standard (ISO 17025) concerning test measurement equipment.

As the DOE requires increased efficiencies for commercial and industrial pumps, a manufacturer's ability to demonstrate accurate pump performance is an important part of compliance. Performing these tests in a lab that not only applies to the industry standard (HI 40.7) but also stands up to an independent third-party audit builds confidence in the market that the stated efficiencies will be achieved.

“The Hydraulic Institute Pump Test Lab Approval certification of our lab in Caldwell, Idaho validates our continued commitment to a high level of competency. It also demonstrates our operational effectiveness, and reliability of the tests performed which translates into the ability to produce consistent and valid results.” said John Armitage, Vice President of Engineering & Manufacturing at Price Pump.

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