New Pirani/Bayard-Alpert Vacuum Gauge from Pfeiffer Vacuum

Many vacuum applications operate only within a specific pressure range. In order to operate such vacuum systems efficiently, the total pressure must be measured reliably. Therefore offers Pfeiffer Vacuum a large product portfolio of measurement gauges available both for a digital and analog output signal.
New Pirani/Bayard-Alpert Vacuum Gauge from Pfeiffer Vacuum

New vacuum gauge from Pfeiffer Vacuum ensures enhanced process control and operational reliability. (Image source: Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)

The analog vacuum gauges in the ActiveLine have been upgraded to the latest state-of-the-art with a successor model to the PBR 260. The new gauge called PBR 360 covers the range from 5 x 10-10 to 1,000 hPa and is characterized by its high measuring accuracy.

Due to its compact design, the gauge provides a space-saving way to incorporate it in vacuum process systems, analytical instruments, leak detection systems and numerous other applications. Two filaments offer enhanced operating reliability, process control and longevity. Another advantage is the higher accuracy compared to other measuring principles. Existing accessories for the predecessor model can still be used. An attractive service concept with replaceable sensors rounds off the profile of the PBR 360.

“Due to the redundancy of the filaments and the attractive service concept, fewer gauges are required over the same period and can be repaired more often than replaced. This contributes to preventing waste and promoting a sustainable economy,” says product manager Sedrick Njomou.

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