New Pentair Smart Sump Controller Helps Protect Homes from Flooding

Pentair introduces its versatile sump pump controller to help minimize the risk of flooding at home. The Pentair Sump Controller is a smart, connected device that offers ease and confidence to homeowners by providing real-time pump alerts via the Pentair Home app, and activating the sump pump when waters rise in the home during a weather event.
New Pentair Smart Sump Controller Helps Protect Homes from Flooding

The Pentair Sump Controller is a user-friendly, connected pump controller that empowers you to protect your property by being aware and informed. (Image source: Business Wire)

“For most people, their home is one of their greatest investments. Our new Sump Controller is an ideal solution to provide peace of mind and help protect your property and family memories when potential flooding and unwanted water put your home at risk,” said Greg Claffey, Vice President of Pentair Residential and Irrigation Flow. “At Pentair, we are dedicated to providing smart, sustainable solutions that deliver convenience and ease of use while empowering homeowners to better manage home water needs.”

The new Pentair Sump Controller is one of a range of Pentair smart home solutions that help homeowners stay connected and manage their water from the convenience of their mobile device. Designed with an emphasis in convenience, the Sump Controller paired with the Pentair Home app, enables the user to operate their sump pump remotely, access important performance information and receive real-time alerts. In the event the basement starts to take in water, the Sump Controller activates the sump pump and will operate the pump even if the primary float switch fails, helping lower the risk of flooding and damage to property. It also counts the number of cycles the pump has completed and the amount of run time per cycle, helping detect failures before they occur. The universal outlet allows the user to use the Pentair Sump Controller with most existing sump pumps.

Additionally, the user can view maintenance reports through the Pentair Home App and contact a local pump dealer if a problem arises with the home’s sump pump. With remote monitoring and system diagnostics, the homeowner is able to protect their property and stay in control anytime, anywhere.

Source: Pentair plc.

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