New High-Performance Pump For Heat Transfer Liquids


At WTT Expo, a trade fair for heat exchangers and heat-transfer technology, Allweiler AG will introduce its new "ALLHEAT 1000", a specially-designed centrifugal pump for moving thermal oils.

New High-Performance Pump For Heat Transfer Liquids

Allweiler AG

The new pump's maximum delivery head is 100 m and maximum capacity is 1450 m3/h. The new pump expands the performance range of the "ALLHEAT" product family for a variety of heat transfer liquids like oils, water, glycol, and fused salt baths.

Like all "ALLHEAT" pumps, ALLHEAT1000 does not require external cooling. The pump moves thermal oils at temperatures up to 350 °C. It is ideal for reliably moving larger quantities of thermal oil across long distances. For example, at 50 Hz and a speed of 2900 1/min., the pump can move 1000 m3/h of liquid to a height of 80 m.

The ALLHEAT family of heat-transfer pumps includes fourteen different centrifugal pump models.

Having sold several-hundred-thousand units since starting production of heat-transfer pumps, Allweiler is today one of the leading manufacturers internationally. Allweiler guarantees "24-hour reaction service" for its pumps anywhere in the world, including replacement parts, maintenance, and on-site service in addition to running-time guarantees according to VDMA

About Allweiler AG

Founded in 1860, Allweiler AG is the oldest German pump manufacturer and the European market and technology leader for centrifugal, propeller, screw, progressing-cavity, gearwheel, rotary lobe, macerators, and peristaltic pumps. Allweiler AG owns a foundry and produces ready-to-use fuel and lube-oil skids and rinsing-water facilities. Allweiler AG has its main German headquarters in Radolfzell on Lake Constance as well as a major production site in Bottrop, Germany. Since 1998, Allweiler AG has been part of the Colfax Pump Group, a global leader among pump manufacturers

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