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28.09.2020: Allweiler Pumps Enable Karpowership Shipyard Power Vessel Construction Project to Succeed

23.01.2020: Allweiler to Introduce New Dosing Pump and a Practical Maintenance Solution

15.07.2019: Allweiler Plug-and-Play-Pumps Set New Standard for API 676/682 Lube Oil Applications

18.04.2019: Circor Enhances Allweiler Emtec-C and Creates one Machine Tool Coolant Pump for Every Pressure Demand

07.02.2019: Allweiler Introduces Redesigned Progressing Cavity Pump

14.01.2019: Progressive Cavity Pumps Reduce Costs for Digesting Residual Sludge

14.12.2018: Allweiler Announces IN-1000 Pump Condition Monitoring Device

12.11.2018: Improve Mean Time to Repair with Maintenance-in-Place-Solution from Allweiler

27.08.2018: Allweiler to Introduce New Compact Marine Centrifugal Pumps

16.08.2018: Circor´s Allweiler Emetc-C Raises the Performance Bar for Machine Tool Coolant Service

06.06.2018: Circor Announced a New Allweiler Centrifugal Pump Solution

03.05.2018: Intelligent Pump Monitoring with ATEX Certification from Allweiler

01.03.2018: Improve Mean Time to Repair with Maintenance-in-Place-Solution from Allweiler

07.02.2013: Colfax Fluid Handling to Provide Pumps for Saudi Arabia Power Plant

13.09.2011: New Allheat Pumps for High Temperature, High Pressure Needs With Uncooled Mechanical Seal

06.07.2011: Allmind Intelligent Pump Monitoring and Control System

08.12.2010: Allweiler Delivers Chemical Pumps Worth €1.7 Million to Chinese Customer

18.11.2010: Allweiler Delivers Propeller Pumps Worth €1.9 Million to Chinese Customer

13.09.2010: Lower Operating Costs by 75%

31.08.2010: Alldur Stators from Allweiler with up to Triple Service Life

12.08.2010: Allweiler Pumps in Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems in Ships

12.11.2009: Allweiler Pumps Detect and Prevent Leaks on Ships

12.10.2009: Allweiler Wins Major Order for Irish Power Plant

22.09.2009: Allweiler Establishes New Global Service Centers for High-Pressure Pumps

04.09.2009: Allweiler Introduces New “Allfuel” Series of Pumps For Lubricating Liquids

13.08.2009: Colfax Provides Pumps Worth $2 Million for New Oil Pipeline in Gabon

03.08.2009: Customizable Progressing Cavity Pumps

15.07.2009: Econo-Pack for ALLWEILER Customers

07.05.2009: Allweiler’s Bottrop Plant Turns 50

24.04.2009: Safe and Clean: Allweiler Pumps with Allseal

09.04.2009: Allweiler Pumps Now With “Life Insurance”

01.04.2009: Allweiler at Achema: Pumps at the Heart of Every System

27.02.2009: Allweiler Pumps Approved for Explosive Atmospheres

22.09.2008: Allweiler Elevates the Status of Stators

03.06.2008: German Pump Technology for Sewage Plants in Algeria

01.02.2008: Immersed Lube-Oil Pump With Higher Power

21.12.2007: Allweiler Delivers Its Largest Lube-Oil Module to Finnish Power Plant

23.10.2007: New High-Performance Pump For Heat Transfer Liquids

03.08.2007: Another Major Investment At Allweiler AG

08.11.2006: Great Success for Allweiler’s Convention

11.09.2006: Allweiler Supplies Heaviest Lubricating Modules for Hitachi

18.08.2006: A Successful 2005 for Allweiler

03.08.2006: Using Pumps Economically

04.07.2006: New Progressing Cavity Pump AEB-SE

01.02.2006: Technologically Advanced Emulsion Pump

09.01.2006: Better Protection Thanks to Water-Soluble Varnish

22.11.2005: New Sand Mixer Installed

22.11.2005: Colfax and Allweiler Making Progress in Asian Markets

09.08.2005: Allweiler Heat-Transfer Pumps at WTT-Expo

05.08.2005: Allweiler Invests in New Stator Production Site

01.08.2005: Allweiler Exhibition for Pumps in Power Generation

01.08.2005: Successful 2004 and a Good Start in 2005 for Allweiler

14.06.2005: Allweiler Delivers its Largest Propeller Pump to Russia

24.05.2005: New Chairman at Allweiler AG

06.04.2005: Allweiler Produces its Own Stators

20.09.2004: Allweiler Centrifugal Pumps Used for Heat Carrier Systems

20.09.2004: Innovative Bearing with Split Bracket

09.07.2004: Immersed Screw Pump for Oil

30.06.2004: A successful 2003 for Allweiler AG

23.02.2004: ALLWEILER’s Pump Skid Division Awarded Major Order

08.12.2003: ALLWEILER in Bottrop Wins Large International Order

01.08.2003: Allweiler’s Pump Skid Division Awarded Large International Orders

02.07.2003: Vertical, Volute-Casing Centrifugal Pump for Oil Tanks

26.02.2003: ALLCHEM – new series for the chemical industry

26.02.2003: ALLCLEAN – for the food, the cosmetical and pharmaceutical industry

16.12.2002: ATEX- certified centrifugal pumps

07.10.2002: New Anti-Heeling-Pump-Draft

12.03.2002: ALLHEAT® – A Cool Pump for Hot Media