New Control Valve for Industry


At ACHEMA 2009, KSB will be showcasing the latest addition to its control valve range: the new BOA-CVE H series. These control valves are destined for use in all industrial applications which require liquid flows to be regulated.

New Control Valve for Industry

BOA-CVE H: Intelligent control valve for industry, fitted with electric actuator (Photo: KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal)

As the valve can be dismantled without any special tools by simply undoing the bonnet bolts, the user can easily replace the valve’s trim and match it to different control requirements as needed.. A great variety of different valve seat and plug diameters covering the entire range of nominal diameters is available to support replacement. The seat has been designed so that both sides can be used. Should the seat be damaged, it is sufficient to simply turn it over instead of replacing it. A soft-seated plug variant is on offer for applications with stringent sealing require-ments. As well as parabolic plugs, perforated plugs and perforated cages are available to tackle cavitation and noise problems.

Stem sealing on standard variants is ensured by a maintenance-free PTFE cup-seal type gland packing supported by a spring. Graphite gland packings are used for high temperatures (> 250 °C). The pressure relief system for valves from size DN 80, which is available on request, allows small and favourably priced actuators to be used.

The actuator range includes both electric and pneumatic actuator types. The widely used electric actuators offer input and output signals from 0/2 to 10 V or 0/4 to 20 mA. In addition, Open/Stop/Closed actuation for straightforward control applications is also available. The actuators can be ordered in 24 V or 230 V versions. The maxi-mum actuating force of the actuators on offer in four different sizes is 14,000 Newton. The pneumatic diaphragm actuators, which come in three sizes, have a maximum actuating force of 20,700 Newton. A comprehensive accessories programme is available for the diaphragm actuators (e.g. positioner, solenoid valves, etc.).

BOA-CVE H is made of nodular cast iron (JS1025). Nominal sizes range from DN 20 to 150; nominal pressure classes are PN 16 and 25.

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