Valmet Launches Neles Q-Disc

Valmet is extending its versatile butterfly valve product range with Neles Q-Disc, a new high-performance feature to help flow balancing in control valve applications.
Valmet Launches Neles Q-Disc

The Neles™ Q-Disc™ allows efficient flow balancing in demanding control valve applications. The new high-performance feature is available as a modular option for a wide range of Neldisc™ and Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valves. Q-Disc also provides market-leading noise reduction capabilities. (Image source: Valmet Oy)

The launch complements the offering of the modular Neles Neldisc and Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere butterfly valve platform that was introduced to the market in June 2021.

“The modular butterfly valve range was developed to help our customers with their valve selection not only for typical application challenges, but also to solve the problems in complex process conditions,” says Taija Hämäläinen, Head of butterfly valve products at Valmet. “Q-Disc is specifically designed for control applications. One of its key benefits is that it helps to avoid oversized actuators for control valve packages, and thus provides a solution that is more cost and energy efficient. The Q-Disc feature offers our customers a best-in-class flow-balancing solution and excellent controllability to improve overall process efficiency,” Hämäläinen continues.

Valmet expanded its offering with valve solutions in April 2022, when the industrial flow control company Neles was merged into Valmet. Neles is now a Flow Control business line at Valmet.

A problem solver for challenging control valve applications
Q-Disc is a problem solver for challenging flow conditions. It can be utilized to avoid cavitation in low opening angles, and it also provides market-leading noise reduction capabilities – even up to 12 dB in certain flow conditions.

“Q-Disc also helps in optimizing the entire valve-actuator package by making it possible to reduce the impact of dynamic torque caused by the flow, providing improved reliability and efficiency for the overall process the valve is part of,” says Hämäläinen.

Q-Disc is available as modular option for a wide range of butterfly valves, and it can be used for a temperature range up to +600 °C. V

Source: Valmet Oyj

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