New Afriso Rainwater System Centre


Afriso now provides a new, more powerful version of the proven RWSC rainwater system centre that can draw water from cisterns as far away as 40 metres.

New Afriso Rainwater System Centre

The Afriso RWSC rainwater system centre is now available with centrifugal pump or Jet pump (550/750 W). (Image: Afriso)

The new RWSC can be used as a fully automatic rainwater harvesting system together with all standard rainwater storage tanks (plastic and concrete cisterns) as well as rainwater storage tanks converted from fuel oil tanks.

If possible, RWSC lets you use rainwater from the cistern to water the garden, flush toilets and do the laundry. If there is not enough rainwater in the rainwater tank, RWSC automatically switches over to mains water backup and supplies drinking water (probe-controlled). A short rain shower is usually sufficient for RWSC to switch back to rainwater mode (standard mode). If backwater is a potential problem in an installation (for example, caused by flooding), RWSC can be equipped with an optional level probe (Maximelder). This probe signals backwater conditions and keeps polluted rainwater from getting into the domestic installation. RWSC is a robust control unit that combines all components such as three-way valve, centrifugal pump or Jet pump (550/750 W), pressure switch, processor units and displays on top of the backup tank for easy access and maintenance.

The system is fast and easy to install and commission. RWSC is used in single- and two-family homes as well as small and medium-sized companies.

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