Neptune Series 500 Pumps Ideal With Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems


Neptune Chemical Pump Co announced that its Series 500 hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps allow growers to apply fertilizers and chemicals to crops in the most precise, timely and cost-effective manner when used in conjunction with center-pivot water irrigation systems.

Neptune Series 500 Pumps Ideal With Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems

Neptune Series 500

Series 500 pumps are highly accurate, repeatable and provide flow rates that are easily adjustable, allowing growers the flexibility to adjust to changing growing conditions. One of the ultimate benefits of utilizing Series 500 pumps for these types of applications is the positive return to the grower’s bottom line. With prices of fertilizers and chemicals on the rise, it is necessary to inject the exact amount of each at precisely the right time, which will ultimately lower operational costs while boosting yields.

Neptune Series 500 pumps feature EZE-CLEAN valve cartridges that can be removed for cleaning without disturbing the piping to the pump and a Variable Oil By-pass stroke adjustment that allows for better valve performance than traditional variable-linkage designs. This allows the valve checks extra time to seat even in heavy liquids since they are idle during the by-pass portion of the suction and discharge strokes. Series 500 pumps are available with special pump heads to allow for pumping thicker liquids and suspensions. The pumps have capabilities to 80 gph (302 lph) simplex and 160 gph (605 lph) duplex at pressures up to 3,000 psi (210 KG/cm).

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