Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH Introduces New Products


Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH introduces the world’s largest fully armoured non-metallic centrifugal pump, standardized chemical pumps and three new, vertical cantilever pumps.

Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH Introduces New Products

The magnetic pump of the CM type can be equipped either with a purge connection or a thermal sensing Connection (Image: Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH)

One of the new products is the Mega Mammut with the identification code NPC 500-400-700. It is the world’s largest fully armoured non-metallic centrifugal pump to handle aggressive and abrasive media. The motor performance of one megawatt ensures a pump capacity of 5,000 cubic metres per hour. Maximum pump lift amounts to 40 metres. Development and manufacture of this pump has been recognized with the Innovation Award of Rhineland Palatinate in the “Crafts” category, presented to the company at the end of 2014.

Further points of interest are the standardized chemical pumps of the types CS/CS-B and CM/CM-B plus ECM/ECM-B. In addition, with the presentation of pump models TPC, TPC-M and TPC-B, the company introduces three new, vertical cantilever pumps with run-dry capabilities. All pumps are available for use in explosion hazardous environment, in line with the ATEX guidelines.

Quite a number of the new products are based on special applications and their respective technical solutions which are conceived in close cooperation with the customers. Munsch attaches high importance to the support of its customer relations.

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