Moyno General Utility Pumps Provide Cost-Effective Versatility in a Variety of Applications


The Moyno General Utility Pumps are a cost-effective solution for an extensive range of applications from clean, clear liquids to abrasive and corrosive fluids. They are ideal for water sampling, chemicals, oily water, slurries, drainage and drum transfer among numerous other applications in industries such as water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing and general industrial to name but a few.

Features and benefits include:

  • Economical, high-efficiency performance for low total cost of ownership
  • Design simplicity to reduce maintenance and associated downtime and costs
  • Accurate, repeatable, non-pulsating, low-shear flow to handle nearly any application
  • Compact size to reduce space requirements
  • Motorized and non-motorized models available to accommodate the customers’ needs
  • Packing or mechanical seals available to control leakage
  • Cast iron, stainless steel or engineered co-polymer housings to handle water-like liquids as well as abrasive and corrosive fluids
  • Flow rates to 50 gpm and pressures to 600 psi

Picture: Moyno™ General Utility Pump (Image: Moyno)

Source: Moyno

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