Mouvex Introduces CC20 Eccentric Disc Pump


Mouvex announces the introduction of the CC20 Eccentric Disc truck transport pumps to the North American market. The CC20 was developed as a vehicle-mounted solution for loading and unloading transports, while its unique design also enables it to be used as a ground-based pumping unit.

Mouvex Introduces CC20 Eccentric Disc Pump

Mouvex CC20 Eccentric Disc Pump

Mouvex CC20 pumps incorporate eccentric disc pump technology that consists of a stationary cylinder and disc that is mounted to an eccentric shaft. As the eccentric shaft is rotated, the disc forms chambers within the cylinder, which increase at the suction port and decrease at the discharge port. During operation, the discharge pressure exerts itself against the eccentric disc, preventing it from slipping. This low slip between the disc and cylinder gives the CC20 eccentric disc pumps tremendous self-priming and line stripping capabilities.

CC20 pumps are also compact, providing reduced weight and easy installation. CC20 pumps are available in cast-iron, with optional bronze pistons and stainless steel shafts, and have built-in relief valves to protect the pump from overpressure situations. Special CC20 models are available for “solvents” and “waste oil and lubricants” applications that require the pumping of difficult-to-handle products. The CC20 is available with flow rates up to 158 gpm (35 m3/h) with pump speeds up to 750 rpm maximum. Optional features include drain plugs, direct drive through PTO drive shaft or hydraulic motor drive. Mouvex CC20 pumps are ideal and should be considered for waste oils, chemical applications that involve the transfer of soda, silicates, emulsions, inks, adhesives and resins; petrochemical applications that require the handling of solvents, fuels, crude oil, paraffin, gas oils and asphalt; and lubricants, molasses, oils and clean water.

Source: Mouvex

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