Lewa Uses HPLC Technology from Bayer Technology Services


Bayer Technology Services (BTS) is a well-known supplier of industrial chromatography products and services in the area of process technologies for the Bayer Group and for external customers.

Lewa Uses HPLC Technology from Bayer Technology Services

Lewa EcoPrime HPLC for preparative high-pressure liquid chromatography..

BTS as the technology company of Bayer has built up extensive know-how over decades in both preparative High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (batch HPLC), and continuous chromatography (SMB / simulated countercurrent chromatography). BTS holds exclusive rights under numerous patents for the development of high-performance, cost-effective process chromatography technologies. Corresponding systems are used worldwide under the trade names BayBC and BayCC, in process development, pilot plants, and the production of industrial pharmaceuticals.

As a manufacturer of high pressure pumps, Lewa is a preferred partner of Bayer since the 1950 s and present since the 1980 s with its proven pump technology in over 10,000 installed industrial chromatography systems around the world. Lewa pumps and chromatography skids are widely used in both the life science industries and the classical pharmaceutical industry.

Lewa is a system supplier based on its proven and innovative diaphragm metering pumps in the global industrial chromatography market. By the exclusive assignment of chromatography licenses from BTS to Lewa, Lewa will handle the continuing development, marketing and manufacturing of complete chromatography systems based on BTS know-how.

This provides Lewa with a comprehensive portfolio of raw material and energy-efficient chromatographic separation and preparation systems for the implementation of new optimized


  • EcoPrime LPLC for preparative low-pressure liquid chromatography (up to 20 bar)

  • EcoPrime HPLC for preparative high-pressure liquid chromatography
  • EcoPrime SMB for continuous high-pressure liquid chromatography

EcoPrime LPLC and EcoPrime HPLC are chromatography systems for discontinuous processes (batch mode), while EcoPrime SMB chromatography systems are for continuous processes in high-pressure liquid chromatography. The Lewa heart of every EcoPrime system solution (patent pending) are the diaphragm metering pumps of the Lewa ecodos and Lewa ecoflow series. The proven pump technology from Leonberg gets a further technology boost from the innovative Lewa intellidrive drive unit.

Lewa intellidrive works with servo motors that drive pumps much more precisely; the software permits adjustment of the flow rate characteristics, permitting nearly pulsation-free operation. The advantage of this technology: intellidrive offers higher accuracy with minimum residual pulsation, so chromatographic purification can be carried out by the Lewa EcoPrime system solution with a high degree of reproducibility. A linear gradient can also be modeled very precisely and with very tight tolerances even on an industrial scale. A dynamic adjustment range up to 1:150 is possible – in fact, with the EcoPrime it s a reality today.

The EcoPrime chromatography systems are characterized by:

  • precise flow rate
  • larger dynamic flow range
  • minimal pulsation
  • lowest holdup volume

The innovative Lewa intellidrive concept with minimal-shear and hygiene-capable diaphragm metering pumps permits a design in which both the chromatography media used as well as the active sub-stances are exposed to the lowest possible shear forces.

All Lewa EcoPrime systems conform to regulatory specifications, e.g., FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and GAMP. Lewa makes all documentation available, including the original certificates, to ensure traceability of all materials used.

Conclusion: BTS process chromatography technology, acquired by Lewa in an exclusive license for batch and continuous multicolumn operation, offers the user easy operation with an industrially tested, robust system that is scalable to large-scale technical production in combination with a global presence of the manufacturer. Lewa has three competence centers for Lewa EcoPrime technology: In the USA, in Europe and in Japan.

Source: LEWA GmbH

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