KSB at BRAU Beviale 2008 Nuremberg


KSB Aktiengesellschaft will present itself at BRAU Beviale 2008 in Nuremberg, Germany, from 12 – 14 November 2008 as a supplier of reliable, low-maintenance pumps and valves for hygienic food transport.

KSB at BRAU Beviale 2008 Nuremberg

Hera BD knife gate valve with bidirectional seal made by KSB.

Whether it be for handling mash and wort or products in the hygienic production area of breweries, the pump manufacturer has the right pump unit for every type of fluid transport.

As on earlier occasions, the focal point of KSB’s presentation will be its Vitachrom hygienic pump tested and approved in accordance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) regulations. Using a Movitec fitted with PumpDrive, KSB also plans to draw attention to an attractive means of lowering energy bills. Employing pumps whose flow rate can be matched to actual requirements could help companies save billions of kilowatt hours of energy per year.

The German pumps and valves manufacturer will, of course, also exhibit several models from its impressive range of valves; among them the Hera BD knife gate valve with bidirectional seal. It is available from DN 50 to DN 1200. Depending on the nominal diameter, it can withstand up to 10 bar operating pressure. The valve has been mainly designed for applications with solids-laden media of the kinds found in the sugar and food & beverage industries as well as in biogas plants.

Diaphragm valves type SISTO-C are intended for use in sterile processes; the valve bodies are made of polished stainless steel, have no dead volumes and are self-draining. Normally, operation is via single-acting, pneumatic piston actuators.

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