KROHNE Highlights New FLEXMAG 4050C Electromagnetic Flow Meter

KROHNE, Inc. announces it will highlight the FLEXMAG 4050 C flow meter. The first electromagnetic flowmeter with biocompatible disposable flow tube is specifically developed for single use biopharmaceutical applications, including filtration processes, chromatography, or buffer and media preparation.
KROHNE Highlights New FLEXMAG 4050C Electromagnetic Flow Meter

KROHNE Highlights New FLEXMAG 4050C Electromagnetic Flow Meter. (Image source: KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH)

Featuring extremely high accuracy and factory calibration that eliminates the need for in-situ calibration, the FLEXMAG 4050 C to be highlighted includes a biocompatible and gamma sterilizable disposable flow tube. As an electromagnetic meter, the FLEXMAG 4050 C will not drift over time. It provides a completely stable, direct and accurate volumetric flow measurement, unaffected by fluid properties such as color or density. The single use flow path tubes are gamma sterilizable at 25...40 kGy irradiation. All wetted materials comply with FDA/USP Class VI and ISO 10993, and are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified site within an ISO 7 clean room environment.

The FLEXMAG 4050 C flow tube uses a single barb fitting that meets biopharmaceutical requirements for adaptation to single use systems. The tube’s full-bore construction is designed for minimal hold-up volume without obstruction, and the single barb fitting is suitable for braided as well as non-braided hoses. Disposable single use flow tubes are packed in double sealed individual pouches, and the transmitter can accommodate two different flow tubes sizes. This gives end users the flexibility to handle two different flow ranges by simply exchanging the tube – without having to re-calibrate.

OPTITEMP TT 53, a new universal programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter for resistance (RTD) and thermocouple (TC) elements. OPTITEMP TT 53 features HART 7 communication and NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics, as well as Ex approvals.

Available in both compact (C) and rail-mounted (R) versions, the new transmitter can be programmed via PC or HART handheld, or wirelessly by using the OPTITEMP Connect mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app can communicate with OPTITEMP TT 53 via the optional OPTITEMP TT-CON BT configuration kit, a small Bluetooth modem or with built-in near field communication (NFC). Users can program, configure and monitor the transmitter from a mobile device.

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