HiPace Turbopump Line Expanded


Pfeiffer Vacuum has broadened its line of HiPace turbopumps to include four new sizes.

HiPace Turbopump Line Expanded

Pfeiffer Vacuum has broadened its line of HiPace turbopumps (Pfeiffer Vacuum, Germany).

High pumping speed.

They are characterized by their high pumping speeds for both light (H2, He) and heavy gases (Ar, CF4), achieving high throughputs for even heavy gases. In addition to photovoltaics and semiconductor technology, their broad range of applications also includes coating architectural glass and eyeglass lenses, as well as employment in industrial applications, such as furnace engineering. Protection Class IP 54 and SEMI S2 assure their suitability for industrial applications.

Intelligent. Flexible. Efficient.

These pumps offer convincing cost-effectiveness and flexibility. The integrated drive electronics afford direct connection to the power supply and reduce the need for cumbersome and costly cabling. Moreover, a variety of drive versions, including Profibus and DeviceNet, are available without any increase in physical size. The use of innovative materials has doubled the service life of the drives. And runup time has been significantly reduced. This means that the pumps are now able to go into service even faster. Remote and sensor functionalities allow analysis of pump data, such as temperatures. Their functional aluminum housings make these pumps extremely light in weight. A sealing gas connection safeguards the bearings against particulate matter or reactive gases. This affords optimum integration capabilities. The mature rotor design and precise sensory technology of the HiPace pumps afford the highest level of safety in the market. And the Pfeiffer Vacuum service concept in conjunction with innovative design and engineering makes for very low cost of ownership.

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