Hamann Waste Water Treatment Uses Zuwa Pumps on Ships and Yachts


Looking for an ideal pump for a new wastewater treatment plant Hamann corporation selected impeller pumps made by Zuwa. The requirement was a dry self-priming impeller pump, robust enough to stand the rough conditions on high sea.

Hamann Waste Water Treatment Uses Zuwa Pumps on Ships and Yachts

Sewage treatment plant (Image: Hamann/Zuwa)

With a flexible impeller, a stainless steel body Zuwa s Combistar pump offers a perfect price-performance ratio.

The new Hamann system HL Cont Plus 02 Slim is treating black and grey waters on yachts or ships in accordance with regulation MEPC159(55) issued by the International Maritime Organisation IMO. This regulation reduces the boundary value of wastewater emitted into sea since 2010.

The fully automated system works on the principle of flotation, a purely physical process not needing any chemicals or additives. In a flotation tank suspended solids are separated from the waste water and transferred into a sludge tank. Coli bacteria and other germs in the remaining clear wastewater are disinfected by UV radiation. The Zuwa Combistar finally removes the clarified, germ free liquid from the vessel with a flow rate of 30 litres per minute and a pressure of 5 bars.

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