Guide to Rotary PD Pumps Market launched


BZ Engineering Briefings has announced the launch of the Rotary Positive Displacement Pump Briefing, a brand new report looking at the highly competitive rotary pd market.

In recent years, the rotary positive displacement pump industry has been transformed from a collection of small, mostly family-owned companies to a global industry, dominated by major corporations. This report charts the growth of globally-operating companies like Colfax, Idex and SPX and looks at how the independent pump specialists are fighting to compete.

New applications are opening up for rotary positive displacement pumps, especially in the oil and gas industry. The report details, for example, how developments in multiphase boosters and down-hole progressing cavity pumps are driving change in the oil and gas sector, and creating brand new markets for their manufacturers.

The report contains chapters on all the major rotary pump types, including peristaltic pumps, progressing cavity pumps, gear pumps (external, internal and gerotor), lobe pumps (including circumferential piston types), and screw pumps (twin and triple). In addition, there is a chapter looking at the numerous other rotary pump designs, including sliding vane, liquid ring, flexible impeller, roller, eccentric disk and Archimedean screw. Each chapter reviews the history and principles of the pump design, and explains the major areas of its application, with full reference to the specific characteristics of the pump. The areas of recent technical development are reviewed along with the advances in materials and manufacturing. The market structure and its evolution are described for each product type, the major players are identified and their strategies are assessed against future market prospects.

A full directory of manufacturers is provided for each pump type enabling the reader to identify all the significant manufacturers for each pump type around the world, and a comprehensive company index provides cross-references to the 437 companies mentioned in the report.

This report gives unrivalled depth of coverage of the rotary positive displacement pump sector and will be an invaluable reference for all manufacturers, distributors and resellers of rotary pd pumps and parts.

The new report will be published on March 27th 2009 and the Publishers are offering a pre-publication discount of 15% for orders received by that date.

About BZ Engineering Briefings

BZ Engineering Briefings is headed by Research Director Mark Purvis, the former Editor and Publisher of World Pumps. While working at Elsevier for more than 20 years, Purvis managed the launch of numerous pump industry publications including the newsletters Pump Industry Analyst and Sealing Technology and market research publications like the Profile of the International Pump Industry. He has written about pumps and pump companies for nearly 20 years and served for many years on the Advisory Committee of the Texas A&M Pump Users Conference and the Publications and PR Commission of Europump.

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