Greene Tweed Honors Groundbreaking Innovation with Inaugural Award

Greene Tweed has announced the winner of its first-ever Innovation Award, honoring Ferdinand Gonzaga, a Ph.D. in molecular and supramolecular chemistry and a scientist in the company’s Advanced Technology Group, which is responsible for developing new materials to perform in the most demanding industries and applications. The award was presented by Chairman Allon Bloch, CEO Magen Buterbaugh, and Kenneth Stanley, representing Greene Tweed family ownership, at a special event at Greene Tweed’s Kulpsville, Pa. plant.
Greene Tweed Honors Groundbreaking Innovation with Inaugural Award

Celebrating Ferdinand Gonzaga’s Innovative Environment-friendly Manufacturing Process that ensures supply chain stability (Image source: Greene Tweed)

Ferdinand Gonzaga developed a new process for manufacturing a key ingredient of a Greene Tweed formulation. The new process enables the replacement of hazardous chemicals and reaction conditions through the use of a greener, more environmentally friendly synthetic method. This new process also helps ensure supply chain stability in terms of raw ingredient availability and can now utilize renewable raw ingredients as well.

“I am truly honored to receive this award and proud to be part of a company that values innovation and fosters an environment where ideas are not only welcomed but encouraged,” said Gonzaga. “As a scientist, my passion lies in not just solving challenges, but in redefining the very nature of challenges and processes. In developing this new process, we’ve not only improved our approach but also pioneered a path toward a safer and greener future.”

This award marks the commencement of a tradition to spotlight and reward exceptional efforts that push the boundaries in developing products, process optimization, business strategy, continuous improvement, and new ways of working and collaboration.

“In recognizing Ferdinand Gonzaga with our inaugural Innovation Award, we celebrate not just his accomplishment but the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation that enables our products to outperform and outlast in the world’s harshest environments. His new visionary process underscores our dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and our collective belief that bold new ideas fuel transformative change,” said Magen Buterbaugh. “This award reflects our collective passion to not just meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. Their challenges and aspirations will continue to propel us to think beyond the conventional and drive our pursuit of innovation.”

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