Gamma Vacuum Introduces New Sintered NEG Pump Series

Non-evaporable getter (NEG) pumps have a whole range of functional and ergonomic advantages for applications that require cost-effective and reliable ultra-high vacuum conditions.
Gamma Vacuum Introduces New Sintered NEG Pump Series

Gamma Vacuum introduces new sintered NEG pump series for research, medicine, industry and analytics. (Image source: Gamma Vacuum)

Unlike most vacuum pumps, NEG pumps are gas-capturing pumps that bind gases by means of sorption. This results in low energy consumption, little noise, and no vibration. NEG pumps have no moving components and are therefore maintenance-free.

Increased pumping performance
With these attributes, they are predestined for a whole range of applications in research, medicine, industry and analytics. In these areas, they reach pressures of less than 1x10-10 mbar due to their operating principle. A critical requirement in such applications is the absence of dust particles as those badly influence the performance of the customers’ applications. Sintered NEG material is widely believed to strongly reduce emission of such particles into the application. Therefore, Gamma Vacuum developed its new NEG pumps that are based on sintered material. “The increased pumping performance of this NEG series with respect to our conventional NP series (NEG pumps based on pressed material) and their superior hydrogen capacity in comparison to the other NEG pumps available on the market are additional benefits”, says Dr. Stefan Lausberg, product manager for Gamma Vacuum.

Wide pumping speed range
The NEG series ranges from 50 l/s up to 400 l/s in pumping speed: 50NS, 100NS, 200NS, 300NS, 400NS, 410NS. All pumps are mounted on a DN 40 CF (2.75” CF) flange. The first five pumps have a 3-pin feedthrough which is a common style on the market. In order to fulfil customers’ requests, the 410MS is equipped with a special 4-pin feedthrough while it has the same pumping speed as the 400NS.

Superior hydrogen pumping speed
NEG vacuum pumps can be used in a broad spectrum of scientific and medical applications, like electron microscopes, research and medical accelerators or surface science. Due to their superior hydrogen pumping speed they are especially well-suited in the ultra-high vacuum range where hydrogen is the dominant gas species.

Energy efficient, non-vibrating and noiseless
After the NEG pump has been heated up it does not consume any electricity until it is saturated. “This makes it an energy efficient, vibration-free and noiseless pump”, highlights product manager Dr. Stefan Lausberg. Another advantage: A NEG pump can be installed and operated in any orientation, even in confined spaces, and provides a practical way to maintain ultra-high vacuum pressures over a long period of time.

Source: Gamma Vacuum

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