Flygt Wins Multi-million Dollar Contract to Deliver Pumping Stations to Venezuela


ITT Flygt Canada announced the signing of a multi-million dollar contract to supply a complete installed package of 14 pumping stations, accessories, controls, etc. with engineering company Dessau-Soprin, Montreal for the Venezuelan Ministry of the Environment around the city of Barcelona in Northeast Venezuela.

This contract includes full civil engineering and on-site construction work, which will be accomplished by Flygt Venezuela.

This is a landmark contract, not only because of its large size for Flygt Canada, but also because it marks a coordinated joint submission of products supply and civil / construction work by Flygt Canada and Flygt Venezuela. Flygt Canada is hiring a project manager to coordinate the project activities in Canada and Venezuela.

Mr. Yvan Savoie, sales representative from the Flygt Montreal sales office led the discussions and negotiations with Dessau-Soprin, which have been ongoing for over 2 years from inception.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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