Enhanced Precision: Kistler Showcases new Torque Sensors

Kistler's motto for this year's SPS IPC Drives (November 25-27) is: more accurate, more versatile and simpler. With the KiTorq 4551A and the sensor 4503B, the company showcases its latest products for measuring highly dynamic torques at test stands. Both systems deliver reliable measurement results with an accuracy of 0.05 percent.

Outstanding accuracy in torque measurement

With the KiTorq 4551A, Kistler presents the latest version of its proven KiTorq system, which can be used to determine torques, rotational speeds or angles with an unprecedented resolution of up to 8,192 pulses per revolution, and allows the user to adjust the pulse rate. The system offers rotational speeds or angular resolutions that can be adjusted to any requirement.

The measuring flange system consists of a single measurement body, the KiTorq rotor and an evaluation unit, the KiTorq stator. As far as the selection of suitable components for each test stand is concerned, the system offers manufacturers of electric and combustion engines, drives, pumps and compactors great flexibility because the guide-less stator means that different measurement bodies can be used without having to completely rebuild the test facility.

At the same time, the newly developed speed measurement system within KiTorq 4551A is fully integrated and practically invisible. The distances between the rotational speed probe and the magnetic flywheel do not require readjustment, and its magnetic function makes the probe maintenance-free and resistant against any kind of contamination. This results in cost savings during commissioning and maintenance of the system.

An additional highlight is the absolute zero value called Z-Impuls offered by the new KiTorq system, by means of which absolute angle positions can be determined. Torques can be measured across a range from 50 to 5,000 Nm in different installation sizes. Parameterization takes places by means of the complementary SensorTool software via a USB interface or directly through a PLC via the Fieldbus or Ethernet ports. Therefore, commissioning the KiTorq 4551A is easy.

Proven technology

The second novelty Kistler will be presenting at SPS IPC Drives is the torque sensor 4503B. The new sensor is the successor of the Type 4503A sensor with a shaft connection.

The 4503B offers a number of enhanced functions and thus complies with the latest market requirements. The previous optical speed and angle measurement device was replaced with a magnetic one similar to the new KiTorq solution. This offers the advantage that the sensor is now safe and robust enough for use in contaminated industrial environments (e.g. oil mist), which saves valuable maintenance time. Furthermore, the electronics of the torque sensor have been improved. For highly dynamic measurements, the 4503B also has a cut-off frequency of 10 kHz. This can be customized by the user by means of an integrated digital low-pass filter, and the second measurement range can be flexibly scaled up to a spread of 1:10. In addition, the Type 4503B is characterized by wide measurement ranges of 0.2 to 5,000 Nm as well as combined rotational speed/angle measurement and a high speed version of up to 50,000 1/min.

"Our latest torque sensors offer industrial manufacturers the greatest possible dynamics and accuracy", explains Stephan Vogel, Product Manager at Kistler. "With their fully digital transmission, the systems permit a standard accuracy of 0.05 percent as well as a cut-off frequency of up to 10 kHz. This allows our customers to benefit from sensors which enable reliable measurement results and provide a solution that is tailored to each application. Because they are compatible with previous versions, the new torque sensors can also be integrated into existing systems with minimal effort.”

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