DULCOflex DF4a Peristaltic Pump for Flocculent Metering


The new DULCO®flex DF4a peristaltic pump has been specifically developed for flocculent metering purposes. This pump is used in all applications where it is necessary to meter flocculent constantly and accurately.

DULCOflex DF4a Peristaltic Pump for Flocculent Metering

DULCO®flex DF4a peristaltic pump for exact and reproducible flocculent metering in swimming pools and whirlpools.

Typical applications include water treatment in public and private swimming pools.

Flocculent metering is an important stage in the preparation and treatment of swimming pool water. Flocculent is required for the purpose of making unfilterable substances filterable. Potentials cause non-filterable particles to accumulate, resulting in so-called macroflakes, which can remove the undesirable substances from the water circuit. The new ProMinent DF4a peristaltic pump ensures that the flocculent is added to the water to be treated continuously and in precisely determined quantities. Depending on the version, the specifically designed DF4a pump features metering rates of 1.5, 6.0 or 12.0 l/h at an operating pressure of up to 4 bar.

Four buttons at the front ensure the DF4a peristaltic pump is easy and fast to program. Language-neutral user prompting facilitates easy programming and setup. The special "Auxial" operating menu function makes it possible to easily change over to two new load ranges with predefined reducible metering quantities and circulation rates, thus making it possible to adapt the metering capacity to increased or reduced flocculent requirements by simply switching over. With the aid of this function it is therefore possible to adapt to visits of several school classes with "increased flocculent requirements" just as easily as it is to respond to the minimum addition of flocculent during "reduced operation" over night.

The metering rate can be adjusted infinitely variable and reproducible in a range from 0 - 100 %. This corresponds to a delivery rate of 1.5 l/h through to 12 l/h. The current metering rate is continuously shown on the easy-to-read, two-line LC display.

The design engineers attached particular significance to smooth and quiet operation as well as long service life in connection with a continuous duty cycle (100 % duty). These design features are ensured by an infinitely variable direct drive as well as rollers and drive shaft mounted in ball bearings. A new electronic quiet running feature makes pump operation particularly smooth and quiet.


The DF4a peristaltic pump is equipped with various safety functions. For instance, it can show whether there is still sufficient flocculent in the connected reservoirs. Connection terminals for the level switches necessary for this purpose are already built into the DF4a. With integrated operating hours counters, it is additionally possible to precisely determine how long the pump and hose have been in operation. An integrated monitoring facility reliably triggers an alarm and shuts down the pump in the event of hose breakage.

The pump's quiet running stepper motor is built into an enclosure with protection class IP 65, which reliably prevents the penetration of water to protect the control electronics of the DF4a.

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