DAB Pumps for BIM Project Development

The company is making BIM – Building Information Modeling – models of its main products available on its website, as well as on the Bimobject and Skeinforce portals, to facilitate the design and implementation of complex works for designers, architects and integrators.
DAB Pumps for BIM Project Development

DAB Pumps has released new core product families for BIM projects. (Image source: DAB Pumps S.p.A.)

DAB Pumps, a company specialised in the sector of water distribution and management, is always ahead of the game when it comes to digital and technological innovation. In accordance with the applicable regulations, the company is offering professionals all the advantages of BIM - Building Information Modelling - a method of digital representation of the physical, technical and functional specifications of an object, which optimises the processes of the life cycle of a building, from design to decommissioning.

DAB's goal is to make a complete and comprehensive information model of its products available to everyone implementing or working on a project. The aim is to facilitate the work of professionals, enabling efficient and more effective processing of information. Relevant data can in fact be collected, combined and digitally linked in a structured virtual building (family), which can be visualised as a three-dimensional geometric model and added to with the specific characteristics of interfaces. All this is available on the DAB website (https://dabpumps.com/it/bim), but also on the Bimobject and Skeinforce portals, allowing designers to freely use the models of the main products of DAB Pumps for their projects.

Ministerial Decree No. 560 of 1st December 2017 provides for the mandatory use of electronic modelling methods and tools from 1st January 2019 for public works costing 100 million euro or more; it will apply to public works of decreasing amounts over the years, to then become mandatory for all new public works as from 2025.

The latest product families released in RFA format include: the entire range of variable speed pressure booster sets (NKVE, EURO, EUROINOX, JETINOX and JET AD), the line of fire-fighting sets (KDN COMPACT and KVT), the submersible pumps for waste water (FK), and the products completing the Esybox Line (Esybox Max, Esybox mini and Esybox Diver).

The BIM object represents a new working logic that facilitates the work of professionals and speeds up the processing, sharing, evaluation and execution of a project. This is because the files can be exported in a standardised format according to ISO 16739-1:2018 (.ifc), and can therefore be read, commented on and corrected by everyone involved in a project in an interoperable way.

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