A New Logistics Hub for DAB

The DAB Main Distribution Center will be managed together with DHL Supply Chain Italy, a provider of integrated logistics services for businesses.
A New Logistics Hub for DAB

DAB Main DC Ribbon cutting with Paolo Camusso, Business Unit Director DHL Supply Chain, and Simone Donato, Group Production Manager DAB. (Image source: DAB Pumps S.p.A.)

Ten thousand square metres of surface area and a total of 85 thousand shipments per year all over the world. Speed, flexibility and zero emissions for increasingly strategic logistics for the growth of the DAB Group in the Italian and European markets, and the distribution of its products outside the EU.

The new Main Distribution Center (DC) of DAB Pumps, specialized in the field of water distribution and management technologies, accelerates the growth strategy of the Group by providing customized and Best in Class logistics solutions. With its overall area of 10 thousand square metres, which could be expanded to 13 thousand in line with growth expectations, when fully operational this new logistics hub based in Monselice - in the province of Padua, Italy -, will be able to handle 85 thousand shipments per year (+30% compared to 2019) and a total of 2.25 million items. With a view to further enhancing the efficiency and environmental sustainability at the core of the strategic plan, thanks to the exclusive use of renewable energy sources, in 2022 the DAB Main Distribution Center will become a zero C02 emission facility.

For DAB Pumps, the new DC is the main hub from which products can be shipped quickly, efficiently and flexibly around Europe, and anywhere in the world. The warehouse is managed by DHL Supply Chain Italy and provides full flow integration and automatic data transmission.

“Global logistics are constantly evolving and require a resilient approach to ongoing changes." Explains Alessandro Vedovato, Head of Group Logistics at DAB. DAB's primary interest is customer satisfaction, which is increasingly linked to perceived service. In all this, lean logistics capable of adapting to the different market needs play a key role and become a real strength that raises the experience of the customer with DAB to the highest levels, from product availability to speed of execution."

DHL can provide a structured yet flexible service that can easily adapt to the ever changing demands and bring best practices from other sectors into the DAB world. "The Main DC is one of the projects already activated, or currently being activated, that will allow us to achieve our 2025 strategy goal”, says Sandro Stramare, CEO of DAB Group. “It’s unrealistic to think that a company can be 'best in class' in all areas; instead, it is appropriate to focus on the internal skills that make the difference, intelligently taking advantage of external support where it can create value. The Main DC must be viewed in that perspective."

An all-round synergy, from which the firsts to benefit will be DAB customers, who will enjoy an even faster service, fully tailored to their needs. Effective and efficient service also means saving resources, and therefore sustainability, reinforcing one of the pillars of the development strategy that will accompany DAB in the coming years. The first shipments from the DAB Main DC started in January 2021, and by the end of the year the facility will be operating at full regime, with internal management of the raw material and finished product warehouses. The Main DC in Monselice deeply changes the DAB logistics structure and follows the same path as other new developments planned for the coming months in Europe, America and China, aimed at establishing an increasingly efficient and agile chain, capable of quickly connecting with the various world markets.

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