DAB presents the new Esybox Max

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DAB presents Esybox Max, the new product that expands and completes the range of applications of the Esybox Line range. Dedicated to the world of Commercial Building Service, Esybox Max sets a revolutionary standard for the water pressurization of the future.
DAB presents the new Esybox Max

Esybox Max, the new product that expands and completes the range of applications of the Esybox Line range. (Image source: DAB Pumps S.p.A.)

Esybox Max is first and foremost the result of listening to all the people who come into contact with the product during its life cycle. From the design phase to distribution, installation, maintenance up to the end user, Esybox Max offers advantages to the entire supply chain, with the utmost respect for the environment. Esybox Max can guarantee maximum efficacy and safety in multiple applications ranging from 10-storey condominiums to medium-sized hotels and hospitals.

The strengths of Esybox Max are modularity and remote communication systems.
Esybox Max has been designed with all possible uses in mind. The underlying idea is that of the O.S.A. - On Site Assembly - that is, the assembly of the pumping units at the installation site, rather than at the manufacturing plant. On-site assembly means easily transportable modules, less capacious vans, lighter handling; advantages that are even more evident in the case of technical rooms with difficult access. Esybox Max was created to save time and space even in the warehouse and therefore be able to always offer the customer the best solution. Setup is quick, thanks to an interlocking mounting system, built-in Wi-Fi and native connectivity. Not only that, in the case of a multiple system, once the activation of the first pump is complete, the other Esybox Max automatically synchronize with each other.

Esybox Max is also remote maintenance and monitoring.
Thanks to the DConnect application, a smartphone is enough to be able to interface with the pump, saving time during system setup and allowing all possible adjustments remotely. All without necessarily having to go to the place. With Dconnect, the DAB cloud service, monitoring and maintenance have never been easier. Alarms and notifications on possible malfunctions arrive directly on the smartphone, as well as immediate remote control of operation, energy and water consumption. More ease of control and maintenance also means the possibility of offering dedicated services to the customer, with the new Silver and Gold packages suitable for every need.

Esybox Max is a high-performance integrated system that, in responding to the needs of each individual user, also embraces those of the environment. Energy saving is guaranteed by the integrated inverter which improves performance and comfort is safe with the DConnect app that allows you to manage the pressure required at a given moment. Logistics and transport are optimized, ensuring lower CO2 emissions. The product is also made with a percentage of recycled plastic and demonstrates a reasoned use of the planet's materials and resources, as well as the guaranteed energy savings of 20% in production plants translates into sustainability and respect for the environment. Esybox Max is also easier to store.

Esybox Max is also easy to select. It is in fact sufficient to choose between two different hydraulics based on the height of the building and create a group, with a maximum of four pumps, based on the number of users.

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