Condensate Removal Pump Combines Performance with Fast Installation and Reduced Noise


Little Giant has expanded its family of automatic condensate removal pumps with a unique design that reduces vibration and operating noise while improving sustained, maximum pumping performance.

The new EC-OP-K is designed for use with residential and commercial wall-mounted, ceiling, and fan coil air conditioners of up to 10kW.

The key to the advanced performance offered by EC-OP-K is an innovative cooling method that reduces motor heating during operation. The patent-pending design also provides quieter starting and stopping of the pump motor.

The fully automatic Little Giant condensate removal pump is an ideal choice when conduit (trunking) is not required. However, it also works well when conduit is required to conceal exposed electrical wiring and refrigeration lines. The unit is adaptable to any situation and can be installed on the right side (default position), or left, underneath the air handler.

EC-OP-K is a complete kit providing HVAC contractors and distributors with quick and easy installation. It allows for fast inspection during service visits and can be serviced without removal from the wall. The kit provides everything necessary for fast and easy installation beneath the air handler including the EC-OP pump, a stylish snap-on cover that conceals the pump and mounting bracket, a 30cm section of conduit that conceals exiting gas lines, a plate to finish the fit at the ceiling, and all hardware including a special mounting bracket.

Other features of the EC-OP-K condensate removal pump include a pump float retainer for easy serviceability, clear reservoir for visual inspection of water level, float and filter, 8A resistive – 250V alarm contact, 8mm inlet tube with universal adapter, 4mm discharge tube with 6mm adapter, IP 54 protection, and thermal protection (80 degrees Celsius). The pump system can additionally be fitted with a safety alarm.

A pump-only model, EC-OP, is also available. This version includes all wiring and tubing necessary to install the pump but does not include the mounting bracket, cover, or conduit/ceiling cap.

According to Jim Hollingsworth, Director of International Market Development, Franklin Electric – Water Transfer Systems, “The new EC-OP-K condensate removal pump offers real value to HVAC contractors, distributors, and homeowners alike. It features a unique design that reduces vibration and operating noise while improving pumping performance. And it features the Little Giant pump, long considered the best in the industry for performance and reliability.”

Franklin Electric’s Little Giant branded products are represented in the UK by Pump House Pumps Ltd., Nottingham.

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