Compact Controller for Inductive Conductivity


The new measurement and control device Dulcometer Compact COND_I to measure the inductive conductivity celebrated its premiere at the IFAT 2014. ProMinent enables a convenient and affordable entry-level measuring and control solution to verify the inductive conductivity up to 2,000 mS/cm in residue-forming or chemically aggressive media.

Compact Controller for Inductive Conductivity

Dulcometer Compact COND_I (Image: ProMinent)

Previously, the measuring and control unit Dulcometer Compact was configured for the measurement of pH/ORP or free chlorine. Since April 2014 a new version, COND_I, for the measurement of inductive conductivity is complementing Compact Series. The new Compact controller can handle the variables of inductive conductivity, resistance, TDS and salinity.

In combination with the conductivity sensor ICT 1 a measurement in the range 0.02...1,000 mS/cm at medium temperatures up to +70 °C is possible. In conjunction with the high-performance ICT 2 sensor, a measurement can be realized in the range of 0.02...2,000 mS/cm at medium temperatures up to +125 °C.

The Compact controller COND_I showcased at IFAT, and the Compact Controller COND_C, available since August 2013, cover all areas of conductive and inductive conductivity.

Other advantages of the Compact controller include linear and non-linear temperature compensation, language-independent operation and an illuminated display. The affordable basic unit provides accurate basic measured values for water treatment to ensure process safety.

Even in polluted water

Further highlights are new resistant online sensors Dulcotest CBR 1 and BCR 1: CBR 1 can be used to determine the concentration of free chlorine and free and bonded bromine in water. BCR 1 measures oxidative, bromine-containing disinfectants.

Benefits of these sensors: reliable measurement even in polluted waters, reduced maintenance costs and increased service life. A new membrane/electrolyte system prevents clogging of the sensor membrane and guarantees even in media with biological activity sensor satisfactory service life.

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