Cold Water Booster Set Solves Reliability Issues at School

When family run, cold water booster specialist, Pressboost, was asked to attend a school in the Northwest of England which had suffered a water outage, the Prestwich based company was readily able to restore the water supply.
Cold Water Booster Set Solves Reliability Issues at School

Cold water booster set solves reliability issues at school. (Image source: Stuart Turner)

However, given the obsolescence of the cold-water booster unit which had caused the problem, the client wanted to explore replacement options rather than attempting repair and modifications to the set.

In recent years, the existing cold water booster unit had begun to fail increasingly often, with the pumps requiring several repairs, and the set had been superseded by more modern equipment. Furthermore, this particular set has been designed in a master/slave configuration, which was a significant issue for a critical building like a school, given any failure of the master inverter would inevitably cause water outages. Rather bizarrely, the set had also been reduced to two pumps some time earlier when a pump had been removed, presumably for repair, but which not been refitted.

Given the previous control issues, the client stated that any replacement should not only be robust, but should have inbuilt reliability at its heart. Having considered several options, the Pressboost engineers opted for an Aquaboost MAB booster from Stuart Turner.  The set specified in this project comes with multiple pressure transducers, multiple pump accumulator vessels and three master inverter drives. The control panel provides the client with much more usability with a clear controller and Hand/Off/Auto switches for each pump. Regulation 4 compliant, as certified by WRAS, coupled with the build quality for which Stuart Turner products are renowned, the Aquaboost MAB has proven to be the ideal solution.

With ultra-quick product availability direct from the manufacturer, Pressboost were able to carry out the full replacement on the first Saturday of half term, ensuring minimal disruption to the school.

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