Blackmer Launches Oil & Gas Microsite


Blackmer is pleased to announce that it has launched a new microsite that helps operators in the Oil & Gas industry improve environmental compliance, energy efficiency and overall operational performance.

Blackmer Launches Oil & Gas Microsite

Blackmer Oil and Gas Microsite

The new site was developed in order to help Blackmer distributors and customers better understand how utilizing sliding vane pumps and reciprocating gas compressors in the oil and gas market can help operators improve efficiencies while reducing costs, minimizing maintenance and limiting downtime.

The site includes an overview of the oil and gas markets, including forecasting future growth within those markets. The site also spotlights shale oil and gas production, examines the key regulations, and identifies the challenges facing operators today.

Blackmer sliding vane pumps are ideal for the upstream oil and gas sector because they reliably deliver consistent flow rates, can handle liquids featuring various viscosities or those with corrosive natures, and require little maintenance. Blackmer reciprocating gas compressors, which can easily handle a wide range of suction pressures, are used in wellhead and tank battery vapor recovery, wellhead vapor control, wellhead annulus reduction and pressure boosting applications.

Source: Blackmer

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