AxFlow Introduces New Pump from Blackmer


AxFlow has added Blackmer’s new XLW4A wear-resistant sliding vane pump to the Blackmer range of pumps for which it has exclusive distribution throughout the UK. The XLW4A is a 4” ported pump that has been field tested for almost two years handling an abrasive detergent/soap and has performed flawlessly.

AxFlow Introduces New Pump from Blackmer

Blackmer XLW4A sliding vane pump (Image: AxFlow / Blackmer)

The Blackmer XLW range of ductile iron sliding vane pumps have a proven record in handling abrasive fluids including oxide primers, inks, paints and adhesives. The range has also been used successfully on vertical and horizontal bead mills, solvent recovery, tank bottom recirculation, heat transfer supply, enhanced oil recovery as well as crude and hot oil transfer.

The hardened internal parts deliver long life and excellent wear resistance, allowing the pump to be used on applications with suspended abrasive particles up to 250 microns with a 25% concentration.

The Blackmer XLW4A delivers a flow rate of 719 litres/min at a working pressure of up to 24.1bar. With a speed of 350rpm, this new pump is capable of handling fluids with a viscosity of 4,250 cSt at temperatures up to 149⁰C.

To tie in with the introduction of the XLW4A, AxFlow has produced a new Blackmer Range brochure covering its sliding vane pumps, centrifugal pumps and reciprocating gas compressors.

Source: AxFlow Group

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