AxFlow Holding Acquires Majority Ownership of Starline Valves Oy

AxFlow Holding AB has acquired majority ownership of Finnish distributor of valves and actuators Starline Valves Oy.

Starline Valves Oy was founded in 1994. Today it’s a well-established distributor of valves and actuators from leading European brands such as Starline, Air Torque, Pekos, and Richter. Operating from their modern premises in Vantaa, southern Finland Starline Valves serve customers in many processing industries such as oil & gas, chemical and energy. Starline Services S.P.A. Italy continues to be a strategic partner and a minority owner.

Announcing the development, Ole Weiner, CEO of AxFlow Holding said: “The acquisition of Starline Valves fits our overall strategy of adding valves to the existing product portfolio and expanding the customer offering. Under the leadership of Lalli Jäppinen, Starline has gained a strong foothold in the Finnish market and their product expertise is highly regarded by their customers.”

Commenting on the acquisition Lalli Jäppinen, Managing Director of Starline Valves Oy said: ” This new ownership between AxFlow and Starline Italy is very interesting. It will make our position in the Finnish valve market even stronger. We’ll continue servicing our customer base with our professional personnel and with our large stock of industrial valves and actuators. Together with AxFlow Oy pump expertise, we see an interesting possibility to create comprehensive solutions for our existing customers and to grow our market share.”

Sami Salonen, Managing Director of AxFlow Oy in Finland, is equally enthusiastic, saying: “The industrial landscape is increasingly defined by the demand for one-stop-shop suppliers. Both AxFlow and Starline operate in fluid handling applications and within the same customer base. Starline’s valves and actuators are considered high-end products in terms of quality and reliability. Therefore it makes perfect sense to join forces and to be able to offer our customers more complete solutions.”

Source: AxFlow Group

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