Armstrong Committed to Environmental Solutions


Armstrong, a leading supplier of quality high efficiency HVAC and fluid handling equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications, is committed to creating more environmentally-friendly solutions.

Armstrong Committed to Environmental Solutions


Armstrong is pleased to announce that our Ultra-Efficient Chilled Water Integrated Plant Package (IPP-CHW) is the most energy efficient chilled water plant solution available on the market today.

The IPP-CHW incorporates the Armstrong VIL Series 4300 pumps, Turbocor oil-free frictionless compressors, and the Armstrong IPC 11550 Ultra-Efficient Chilled Water Plant Control Systems, which utilizes the Hartman LOOP technology. Combined, these features work to achieve incredible energy efficiency in cooling applications

The Armstrong IPP-CHW is able to use less energy because it is an all-variable speed, fully automated system, using the Armstrong Integrated Plant Controller (IPC). As a result, system components do not always run at 100%. Rather, the pumps increase or decrease flow to meet demand and maintain optimal efficiency. The IPP-CHW has been shown to provide cooling performance averaging 0.45 kW/ton annually. The current best-in-class for cooling standards is 0.7 kW/ton. The IPP-CHW exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 energy requirements.

In addition to the energy savings, users will also save on life cycle costs of equipment. Since the IPP-CHW is an all-variable system, there is less wear on the equipment, which results in lower repair costs and longer equipment life.

About Armstrong

Armstrong is a leading supplier of quality high efficiency HVAC and fluid handling equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Established in 1934, the company maintains eight manufacturing facilities on three continents.

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