Amarinth Becomes ISO 14064-1 Certified

Amarinth has recently been certified in accordance with the ISO 14064-1 Carbon Reduce scheme, the international standard for quantifying, reporting and removing greenhouse gas emissions, underlining the company’s long-held commitment to reduce carbon emissions for itself, its customers, and its supply chain.
Amarinth Becomes ISO 14064-1 Certified

The Amarinth solar array at its head office in Rendlesham, United Kingdom (Image source: Amarinth)

Amarinth was founded over two decades ago with one of its guiding principles being the delivery of more efficient pumping solutions, targeted initially at the oil and gas industry that hadn’t been well served in that respect. Since then, the company has expanded its customer base across many of the process, energy and renewable industries around the globe. With the advent of time, carbon reduction has become an important business fundamental for organisations and Amarinth has continued at the forefront of this within the pump industry.

The company has been certified in accordance with the ISO 14064-1 Carbon Reduce (powered by Toitū) scheme, the United Kingdom’s only Accredited Greenhouse Gas Certification Scheme for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and the identification of actions to reduce them.

The decision by Amarinth to become certified in accordance with ISO 14064-1 was taken to formalise the extensive work the company had already undertaken around sustainability. Accreditation to the standard will enable Amarinth to fully support its customers who have either achieved ISO 14064-1 certification or who are working towards it, and actively encourage its supply chain to attain this standard. Joining up the whole industry around the same set of standards, objectives and measures is the only way true net-zero can be achieved across the full product lifecycle.

Amarinth’s own focus on sustainability consists of three core objectives:

  • Net zero office and manufacturing facility.
  • Manufacturing the most energy efficient pumps in the world.
  • Developing the most environmentally sustainable and ethical supply chain possible.

Over the past 20 years, Amarinth has invested steadily across its organisation in meeting these objectives, including its infrastructure, commercial operations, and product research and design. It has now achieved:

  • Carbon neutrality at its head office in Rendlesham, United Kingdom, using its own extensive solar array that powers the office, workshops and test bays and recharges its fleet of electric or hybrid company vehicles. Should more energy be required than the solar array can produce, the company is linked into the local biomass power station, so requiring no power from the National Grid.
  • State-of-the-art test bay equipped with high resolution cameras allowing remote witness testing of pumps, eliminating the need for customers and officials to travel, often long haul, to its facilities.
  • Cutting edge bespoke pumps with unique design features that are among the most efficient in the world. The company is now transferring this unrivalled expertise into the rapidly increasing demand for pumps in renewable, hydrogen and carbon capture industries.
  • Alignment of its supply chain so that to become a preferred supplier, one of the pre-requisites is to share Amarinth’s environmental philosophies, helping the company to make the most efficient use of raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies thereby producing the least possible waste.
  • A vibrant office culture that revolves around everyday sustainability from cycle to work incentives, creating a wildflower meadow in its grounds and keeping bees, to reducing the amount of printed paper and active recycling schemes for everything from food to packaging to waste oil.

Having achieved certification in accordance with ISO 14064-1, Amarinth is now looking forward to attaining ISO 14068 for Carbon Net-Zero, a new international standard that is due to be published shortly. This new standard will provide clear definitions and parameters for carbon neutrality enabling the effect of measures taken to be tracked, showing if neutrality has been achieved.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, commented: “We are delighted to have been certified in accordance with ISO 14064-1 Carbon Reduce scheme. Sustainability has been a pillar of the Amarinth way since the company was founded. We have always strived to deliver ever more innovative and efficient products to our customers, saving them significant money over the lifecycle of a pump, whilst investing in numerous projects to reduce our own carbon footprint. We look forwards to working closely with our customers and supply chain into the future to reach overall net-zero goals.”

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