Achema 2012: Instrumentation, Control and Automation With Strong Growth


A good six months before the start of Achema 2012, a boom is becoming apparent in the field of instrumentation and control. Already now the bookings exceed significantly the final results of Achema 2009.

This corresponds to the general development of the industry. The German industry association ZVEI expects a growth rate of 15 % in 2011 and a continuing positive outlook in 2012. This is founded on a positive development with a wide spread both by geography and by industry. The energy-related industries are leading the way. In the chemical industry, especially the increasing process integration and the new possibilities of inline and online analytics are the main drivers for instrumentation and control. "Wireless" also remains a major topic. In the context of these developments and the incidents over the last months related to hacker attacks on several institutions, the awareness for IT security requirements is also increasing.

"Instrumentation and control is a very important field for us", says Dr Thomas Scheuring, Head of Exhibtion-Congresses at Dechema."The products and technologies are required in the lab as well as in environmental technologies, they are the basis for process automation and an integral part of safety and security technologies. We cooperate closely with industry organizations like ZVEI and NAMUR in order to do justice to the significance of instrumentation and control in the exhibition, the congress and the accompanying program."

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