Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are classified as self-priming if they have the capability to handle liquids, gases and liquid/gas mixtures.

The pump suction pipe is then air-evacuated without any special external suction devices.

Centrifugal pumps without external or internal suction devices can be operated at a suction lift if the pump body is filled with water before starting the actual fluid displacement. Due to the function of a non-return valve the fluid will be retained within the pump body after switch-off.

The construction required for for self-priming capability has a negative effect on the pump efficiency.

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Pump Selection

Centrifugal pumps should be selected such that the specified System Duty Point is located on or as near as possible to the point of maximum efficiency (Pump Duty Point) of the max. speed H/Q-curve.

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Avoiding Cavitation

If the available system inlet pressure, also termed static pressure, falls below the required pump inlet pressure, suitable measures must be taken to achieve at least an equilibrium such as:

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