BPMA Delivers Bespoke Pump Training in Baku

30.05.2023 -

When Rapid Solutions, the global provider of electrical, instrumentation, hydraulic and mechanical engineering services required some dedicated pump training for staff working on a project in Baku, Azerbaijan, the BPMA was quick to act.

New SEEPEX Pump Tailored to the Battery Industry

26.05.2023 -

Rechargeable batteries ensure that the power in electric vehicles, smartphones, notebooks and many other applications lasts. Gigafactories are being built around the world to meet the huge demand for lithium-ion batteries in the automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries.

Simpler Aeration Pump Design Reduces Maintenance Requirements

25.05.2023 -

There are times when a simple pump design and less maintenance are preferred by pump users, especially in messy dirty wastewater applications. Such was the case with one wastewater plant operator in South Africa, which was being called in every couple of weeks to remove, disassemble and clean wastewater pumps at one or other of the facilities that the company maintains.