Voith Among the Top 3 in Sustainability According to ISS ESG

13.09.2021 -

Voith was awarded a B- rating for the first time by the independent rating agency ISS ESG and, together with SKF Group and Johnson Controls, is one of the three best companies within the plant and mechanical engineering sector worldwide. This was the first time since 2016 that the rating was improved from C+ to B-.

Grundfos SCALA1 With Intelligent Pump Control

24.08.2021 -

As homeowners increasingly look to digitalisation to make their living space easier, more comfortable and more efficient, Grundfos announced the launch of SCALA1 in Malaysia. This innovative water booster pump offers intelligent connectivity that allows control over your home water systems, right from your smartphone.

New Motor-Driven Metering Pump in Hygienic Design Variant

18.08.2021 -

In the food and beverage industry, purity and cleanliness standards are very high. Units and systems designed in line with hygiene requirements enable simple cleaning and prevent contamination in the production process. These standards are met by ProMinent’s new motor-driven metering pump Sigma X in the Hygienic Design variant.

EBARA Launched CP Hydrogen Business Project

06.08.2021 -

EBARA CORPORATION has launched the “CP Hydrogen Business Project”, which is under the direct control of the President. It will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in which the realization of the hydrogen society is essential.

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