Pump comparison with known operating data

This video uses the example of well pumps to show the selection via the duty point and the comparison of the technical data of different solutions.
[videojs_video url="https://video.vsx.net/vsxvideos/impeller.net_Pump comparison with known operating data.mp4" poster="https://impeller.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Pump-comparison-with-known-operating-data-Thumbnail-1024x576.png"]
  1. Select your country in the PumpSelector.
  2. Select the category (for the example "water supply").
  3. Enter part of the search term in the Tags field and select "Borehole pumps" from the autocomplete list.
  4. Filter the series list by the desired manufacturers, if necessary.
  5. Enter the duty point (in the example flow rate 10 l/s, delivery head 50 m, total static head 35 m and click on Search.
  6. The list of results is sorted by efficiency; click on the compare symbol in the row of the desired models.
  7. Open the pump comparison via the menu.
  8. Add the desired pump to the shopping cart.

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