Xylem’s Wedeco Ozone Technology Reduces Wastewater Plant Sludge by 43 Percent


Xylem successfully reduced the amount of sludge produced by a wastewater treatment plant in Ardea, Rome in Italy by 43 percent, saving more than €170,000 annually in landfill costs.

Xylem’s Wedeco SMO evo ozone system that reduced the sludge also delivered a significant reduction in man hours required to remove and dispose of sludge produced.

The municipality of Ardea launched a significant redevelopment programme, central to which was the creation of an efficient wastewater treatment service capable of treating wastewater for the population of more than 70,000. It was necessary to increase the capacity of the existing plant in order to meet future population growth in the region.

Another key requirement of the wastewater treatment solution was to reduce the amount of sludge produced in order to decrease disposal costs and man hours. It was also essential that it deliver a consistent and stable treatment service throughout the year.

Despite the use of centrifugal pumping capable of eliminating most of the moisture, the plant at Ardea produced 3,000 tonnes of sludge per year which had to be disposed of. Xylem recommended its Wedeco ozone technology which successfully reduces the amount of sludge produced as well as dramatically reducing the amount of filamentous bacteria.

Xylem’s Wedeco ozone solution has delivered a dramatic improvement to the plant’s performance, reducing the amount of sludge produced by 1,300 tonnes per year.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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