Xylem’s New Performance Optimising Solution Helps Reduce Wastewater Rreatment Plant Energy Consumption


Xylem has launched a new process performance optimizer that uses real time controls and data to help significantly reduce the energy consumption of a wastewater treatment facility. When installed as part of an energy efficient treatment system, Xylem’s Sanitaire OSCAR can help to reduce a facility’s energy consumption by up to 65 percent*.

Providing an integrated, holistic approach to optimizing plant operations, Oscar looks beyond the energy efficiency of individual components, monitoring, controlling and reporting on the entire operation.

Lars Larsson, product manager for Xylem said, “This unique system provides a detailed overview of plant operations and performance and can really make a difference to the bottom line. Providing real time monitoring and control and adapting to changing basin conditions, Xylem’s Sanitaire Oscar enhances process stability while maximizing energy efficiency.”

“Designed by our team of experienced wastewater treatment process and controls experts, Oscar delivers a new level of energy efficiency and process optimization to suspended growth wastewater treatment,” continued Larsson. “The system equips operators with the operating and reporting tools they need to successfully and efficiently run a wastewater treatment plant. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it – Oscar’s intuitive interfaces provide instant, real-time process information providing operators with an understanding of the exact process status at any time. The system can also organize and present data for trend analysis and compliance reporting, as well as monitoring equipment usage. By streamlining data analysis and reporting, Oscar minimizes errors and frees up operator time for other process activities.”

Combining real time analytics with smart process control programming, the solution monitors influent, in-basin and effluent parameters. The system can also fine tune aeration control and use ‘sludge inventory management systems’ (SIMS) software to maintain optimal ‘solids retention time’. This delivers additional energy savings as well as stabilizing the effluent quality.

Consisting of up to 20 sensors per terminal, Oscar’s flexible, modular design means that the system can be adapted to suit future requirements. Xylem has extensive experience in optimizing wastewater treatment plant processes with installations in the US, Latin-America, Europe and Asia.

*Based on field tests carried out over six months at a wastewater treatment plant in Sterno, Sweden.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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