Xylem Teams Up with Partners and Communities Globally to Accelerate Progress on Water Security

More than 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and nearly half of the global population does not have safe sanitation. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 – ensuring clean water and sanitation (WASH) for all – aims to close this gap.
Xylem Teams Up with Partners and Communities Globally to Accelerate Progress on Water Security

Image source: Xylem Inc.

In 2023, volunteers from Xylem, its partners and customers supported 1,000 nonprofits, including Americares, Mercy Corps and UNICEF, to help deliver WASH access and education for communities in 56 countries through Xylem Watermark, the Company’s corporate social responsibility program.

UNICEF is working to ensure equitable access of WASH through cost-effective interventions and the private sector is pivotal to delivering on this goal, said Michael J. Nyenhuis, President and CEO, UNICEF USA. Programs like Xylem Watermark, which bring together cross-sectoral expertise to drive innovation, are helping us to move faster and scale solutions to achieve SDG6.

Xylem Watermark combines the expertise of colleagues and partners, and technology, to catalyze impact on critical water challenges:

  •  In 2023, Xylem employees in 56 countries volunteered more than 183,000 hours, a record participation rate of 89%. Colleagues participated in skills-based volunteer initiatives, designing and implementing WASH solutions for underserved communities, and building capacity through training and mentorship.
  • Together with global nonprofit partners, Xylem provided humanitarian aid in response to 30 disasters, including the pro-bono provision of emergency water treatment and dewatering solutions in response to disasters in Morocco, Chile, China, Türkiye, the Philippines, and Libya.
  • Colleagues volunteered with more than 1,000 organizations, and Xylem Watermark provided community grants or matching donations to 148 nonprofits working on water-related causes in communities around the world.

Xylem Watermark draws on the collective power of Xylem’s team, our customers, channel partners, suppliers, and the nonprofit community, to further our mission to solve water. Together, we have a unique opportunity to advance water security for all and our colleagues and partners continue to step up for SDG6, Austin Alexander, Vice President of Sustainability and Social Impact at Xylem, said.

Xylem Watermark initiatives contribute to Xylem’s 2025 Sustainability Goals of providing access to clean water and sanitation for at least 20 million people, providing water and WASH education for 15 million people, and giving 1% of profits and 1% of employee time to water-related causes and education.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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