Xylem Solution to Help Optimize Water System Operations, Water Quality, Energy and Operating Costs

Applying an emerging, innovative digital solution for water utilities, WaterStart and the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) have partnered with Xylem to pilot test Xylem’s Water Network Optimization solution, part of the Xylem Vue digital portfolio, aimed at helping increase efficiencies and optimize the operation of Southern Nevada’s water systems.

Through the joint test project, SNWA will evaluate the capabilities of the Water Network Optimization solution to improve energy management strategies, enhance system performance, and reduce operating and maintenance costs of Southern Nevada’s regional water system.

“Southern Nevada’s regional water system is multi-faceted and highly advanced with complex infrastructure networks and system controls that help ensure safe and reliable distribution of high-quality water throughout our community,” said Dave Johnson, SNWA Deputy General Manager of Operations. “While our system is quite efficient, this pilot project will enhance our operations through water system modeling, allowing us to increase operational efficiencies that benefit local water users and rate payers.”

Through this partnership, Xylem will develop a real-time, highly-accurate model of SNWA’s water system that integrates operational data to help SNWA optimize operational processes, reduce energy use, assess water infrastructure condition, and/or address complex operational challenges in a safe and controlled environment. The Xylem system will help guide existing SNWA operations staff with timely recommendations.

“Xylem’s Water Network Optimization solution uses operational systems, GIS, and sensor data combined with hydraulic modeling to study and manage the water system as a whole. Up until now, there hasn’t been anything overarching for complex water systems like that operated by SNWA,” said WaterStart Executive Director Nathan Allen. “If successful, this joint test project may help revolutionize how the water industry manages its operations.”

In addition to enhancing operations and energy management efficiencies, Xylem’s intelligent water technology can also help water utilities improve water demand forecasting and perform real-time water quality optimization throughout a utility’s water delivery system.

“We are delivering an intelligent technology solution that helps water utilities like SNWA make informed decisions about their operations,” said Rocio Echeverria, Vice President and General Manager at Xylem. “This provides water utilities with greater certainty about their system operations and increases the reliability of water service for customers. We look forward to leveraging our solution in new ways that will benefit SNWA as well as other utilities around the world.”

The SNWA expects the intelligent water system joint test project to be completed in 2022.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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