Workshop: Advanced Vibration Analysis


Vibration analysis contributes to the progress in many industries including petrochemical, power generation, refinery and others. Vibration analysis has been techniques of choice for monitoring the condition of large and critical pieces of rotating equipment.

Workshop: Advanced Vibration Analysis

Workshop: Advanced Vibration Analysis

Machinery vibration can be intentionally designed and so have a functional purpose. Most times machine vibration is unintended and undesirable. Vibration analysis is essential to prevent severe machine damage, high power consumption, machine unavailability, delaying of shipment and accumulation of unfinished goods, unnecessary down time and maintenance and lastly occupational hazards from happening. Through a series of practical illustrations, real life demonstrations, real life case studies and facilitated discussion, this fast-paced workshop will ensure you depart with set of more advanced tools to improve your machinery performance and bring last changes to your organization.

In this 3-days workshop, you will:

  • UNDERSTAND the fundamental of vibration measurement and signal analysis
  • BUILD deeper and stronger knowledge about measurement and the characteristics of vibration analysis
  • USE data acquisition equipment to collect vibration signals
  • ACQUIRE specific techniques and skills to identify different machinery faults, including pumps, compressors, engines, turbines and motors
  • APPLY advanced signal processing techniques, vibration-based fault detection and diagnostic methodologies
  • IDENTIFY conditions of resonance and be able to rectify the programs
  • MANAGE your condition-monitoring program and identify ways to improve it

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