Wilo-Geniax – the Sensitive Comfort Manager


A small pump on each radiator instead of one large pump in the basement – Wilo has made this a reality in its Wilo-Geniax heating system.

Wilo-Geniax – the Sensitive Comfort Manager

As the first decentralised and intelligent heating system, Wilo-Geniax saves up to 20% heat energy and 50% electricity, according to studies by the Fraunhofer Institute. Image: Wilo SE

Once it has been programmed, the system takes care of the temperature in each room at all times – maximum comfort with a minimum of user input. To meet requirements, the small pumps work according to demand with the help of a variety of sensors: they are only active when there is a need to heat. In conventional central heating systems, by contrast, the pump in the basement runs continuously and the temperature is only controlled by throttling the individual radiators. As the first decentralised and intelligent heating system, Wilo-Geniax saves up to 20% heat energy and 50% electricity, according to studies by the Fraunhofer Institute. This forward-looking technology expands the range of services specialist technicians can provide, enabling them to offer customers an advanced, comfortable and economical product.

Central control unit coordinates peripheral pumps

In Wilo-Geniax, the heat supply for the entire building is controlled by a decentralised pump, one user interface per room and a server. The user interfaces are connected to the server via BUS lines. Thanks to an adapter, the pumps can be fitted on any radiator quickly and easily – even when the system is filled and under pressure. The Wilo-Geniax server is the central control unit for the entire heating system, coordinating demand-driven activation of the heat generators. It is also possible to combine the heating system with building and room automation. The parts visible in the room – the pump and the control panel – blend into any surroundings, thanks to their discreet colour scheme and styling. With its "red dot award"-winning design, Wilo-Geniax is the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance.

Intelligent system simplifies a range of steps

The fitter can configure the server with the Wilo-Geniax-SysManager program in order to operate and optimise the system. Remote access is also possible. That way, if any maintenance or repair work is necessary, the specialist technician can diagnose the system in advance. This saves time and call-out fees. Automatic hydraulic balancing also saves labour. The volume flows and pressure losses identified in the pipe system calculation are entered into the server and are then available for configuration during commissioning. The server uses this information to specify a rotation speed for the connected pumps: each pump pumps no more than the design volume flow of the assigned heating surface.

Partner programme for specialist technicians

As an intelligent heating system, Wilo-Geniax benefits substantially from the possibilities offered by electrical engineering. Wilo offers support seminars to help ensure that every fitter can make the most of the system. In addition, there is an exclusive partner programme that provides all-round support for specialist technicians. This is a commitment that pays off for seminar participants and Wilo partners: they gain knowledge of the heating technology of the future, expand their area of expertise and open up a profitable new source of income.

Source: WILO SE

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