Webshop Permits the Individual Configuration of Small Pumps


Placing orders in the evening or on the weekend is the order of the day in small companies. Unfortunately, so are waiting for an offer to be quoted and lengthy price negotiations. To meet the needs of plant construction companies like Conaqua Wassertechnik GmbH, metering and process diaphragm pump manufacturer Lewa has now set up a Webshop.

Webshop Permits the Individual Configuration of Small Pumps

Webshop Permits the Individual Configuration of Small Pumps (Image: Lewa)

For flow rates of up to 180 l/h and pressures up to 80 bar, requirements can be entered into a simple configuration tool online. So not only can you stay flexible with your time and still put the pump together on a custom basis, you even save 20 percent by using the Webshop. Conaqua ordered four of the robust small pumps to build a new phosphate precipitation plant in Lomersheim.

Since the wastewater treatment plant in Lomersheim was unable to meet the new limit values for phosphates and other materials, it was recently expanded for about 6.6 million Euros. The goals of the modernization, in addition to compliance with updated legal requirements, were also to provide active environmental protection and savings in electrical consumption. Due to their operational reliability, robustness and energy efficiency, the responsible engineering company chose Lewa pumps for construction of the phosphate precipitant metering station. The service directory listed precise requirements for the metering quantity, control capabilities, and operating pressure of the pumps.

The contract for construction of the metering system, along with its protective housing, piping, and measurement and control systems, was finally awarded to Conaqua Wassertechnik GmbH, one of the largest providers of community metering technology in Southern Germany. Since preliminary negotiations with the quotation department at Lewa had shown that the budget would be tight for the pumps despite the fact that they were already specified, the staff of the pump manufacturer mentioned to Conaqua’s General Manager Ulrich Michael Binzer that the Webshop s prices were 20 percent lower. He has very positive memories of the entire handling and order process: "The pump shop is very well-built and easy to handle. The individual steps take the user through the order process in a very intuitive manner, and configuration based on specifications is basically self-explanatory." The main advantage for him, however, was the time savings, and the option of placing his orders seven days a week, 24 hours a day. "When I have a detailed service catalog in front of me, I don t actually need to talk to the quotation department on the telephone. I d rather use my time with other things. Going into the pump shop and searching for what I needed didn t even take me 15 minutes, and I took delivery in just a few days," says the plant construction expert.

The Webshop was specially set up for the ecosmart pump, a diaphragm metering pump for medium requirements and a small budget. Once the online order has been placed, your delivery is ready to ship after just ten working days. "The resonance with our 20 percent online discount so far shows that the ecosmart Webshop has brought us into a very competitive situation to the current providers in this price segment," says product manager Thomas Bökenbrink.

Source: LEWA GmbH

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