UNI Strategic Increased Run-Life and Productivity of ESP through Electrical Submersible Pump 2008


With increasing global demand for reclaimable petroleum reserves, there is a need for greater understanding of technological advances in artificial lift technology, especially in ESP.

UNI Strategic Increased Run-Life and Productivity of ESP through Electrical Submersible Pump 2008

Successful ESP production depends upon the combined expertise and coordination of design engineers and field technicians for specific production environments are often complex.

UNI strategic Electrical Submersible Pump 2008 will be held in JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 21st July to 23rd July 2008. Electrical Submersible Pump 2008 informs about the best practices in design considerations and operational excellence and it is a rare opportunity indeed to get an experienced trainer from Oman all the way to Asia to conduct an in-depth ESP training course.

This comprehensive course outlines how a careful selection of technologies such as variable frequency drives, designs considerations, electromechanical and solid-state voltage starting options and others can optimize the performance in well extraction. Multiple real life case studies will reinforce your awareness of practical problems that you may face in your ESP projects. This highly interactive workshop enables participants to have group discussions to apply their new found knowledge together with their peers and get vast opinions on critical issues.

“Electrical Submersible Pumps Gaining Ground in the Oil and Gas Industry. From downhole, artificial lift systems to surface pumping applications in processing plants, electrical submersible pumps have proven to be versatile, reliable and cost-effective” – Pumps & Systems, April 2008

This is an intermediate to advance ESP technical training course where delegates can learn how to best utilize the ESP system. The most important aspect of this course is to render self confidence to the staff involved, so that at the end of this course, they will be capable in carrying out system design, installation, operation and optimization independently. This will vastly improve the skill sets of ESP personnel to deploy operational excellence and attain optimal production.

Participants will learn to achieve amongst others: technical sound system design, selection of the right ESP equipment to suit well condition (including harsh environments) and system analysis / diagnosis / troubleshooting using down-hole / surface measured data. An application of this knowledge will lead to an improved ESP run-life thereby minimizing the ESP life-cycle cost and achieving an optimum oil recovery.

The course will cover areas on ESP run-life / reliability issues and solutions to assist participants in improving the overall performance of the integrated ESP system. With the completion of this course, participants will attain the benefits of getting to the bottom of all areas of the integrated system (hydraulic, mechanical to electrical stand point) for attaining a sustainable improvement on ESP run-life. Real life case studies will be used throughout this highly practical course where participants will be encouraged to interact in the class discussion to achieve a shared optimized engineering solution of the issue.


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