The new ProMinent Timer – much more than a simple timer


With the 2-week timer, ProMinent offers at the Pumps & Valves 2002 a new, worlwide unique option for the metering pump series Gamma/L, the novel logic design and the novel programming of the timer offers numerous application options never seen in a "standard timer".

The new ProMinent Timer – much more than a simple timer

(Equipped with the new timer functions, the ProMinent metering pumps Gamma/L are a world-wide novelty offering cost-saving and almost unlimited application options. Source: ProMinent)

The timer offers hourly, daily, weekday, weekend, weekly or 2-week setting options for the time controlled operation of the pump. The operating times may be set between 1 second to 2 weeks. Apart from starting and stopping the pump, the operating mode can be altered and one of two of the optionally available relays can be switched. This facilitates e.g. activation of the agitator before metering and, if necessary, running it subsequently.

The event-controlled version of the timer opens up completely new possibilities. Following an external start contact or at a pre-determined time, a program is started which may consist of up to 80 different items such as pump start, stop, switching to external contact operation for a predefined time etc. Relays may also be included into the program such that even other electric devices may be switched.

Thanks to the overlapping of both variants, the possibilities of use are almost unlimited. The Gamma/L with integrated timer may completely replace program controls based on traditional timers.

The benefits are reduced costs and above all less space required – and this all with the IP 65 system of protection !

A typical example for application is the disinfection in the cooling circuit : the metering of the disinfection agent into the feed water is controlled by the water meter and the pump runs in the operating mode external contact. Once a week, the concentration is increased and the pump runs in internal mode for one hour at maximum frequency and then automatically returns to external contact. In order to prevent an unwanted desalination during this shock metering, the master value measurement is desactivated for two hours via a relay. If required, the shock metering together with the related links may also be activated in the meantime by an external impulse.

All options of the timer are accessible and operable via the keyboard of the pump. Since extremely complex program flows may be realised using the timer, a programming kit will be available which permits input of the parameter at the PC or laptop. The completed program will then be downloaded to the pump via a special cable.

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