Sulzer Completes Acquisition of Ascom B.V. and ProLabNL B.V.


The announced acquisition of the companies Advanced Separation Company (ASCOM) B.V. and ProLabNL B.V. was completed on September 30, 2014.

Both companies are headquartered in Arnhem, The Netherlands. ASCOM is one of the leading providers of oil, water and gas separation equipment. ProLabNL is an independent company, which has unique capabilities to test equipment in actual oil field conditions. These acquisitions expand the offering of the division Chemtech for gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separation technologies and position it as a major player in the market.

ASCOM’s portfolio covers gas-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation, produced water treatment, solids handling and gas treatment. It will clearly enhance Sulzer’s offering in this fast growing market. Building on its technologies validated by major oil companies and its expertise in process design, ASCOM offers advanced separation solutions for both traditional vessel-based and compact inline separation. Application of ASCOM technologies enable de-bottlenecking of aging oilfield process systems. Applied to new investment, it can significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX of off-shore, floating and on-shore processing facilities. This advanced technology has also been fully validated for subsea processing.

ProLabNL offers one of the most advanced multiphase flow loops worldwide, simulating real oilfield conditions under high or low pressure conditions. World leading oil and gas companies are using ProLabNL extensively for conventional and subsea technology qualification programs.

Chemtech is a global market leader for components and services for separation, reaction, and mixing technology, with strong activities in the oil and gas industry. This acquisition is a further step towards realizing the division’s strategy to strengthen its upstream activities globally.

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